Lord Payback Bio

Lord Payback has had a tumultuous music career.

Lets us start at the beginning:

Formerly known as Mono Bagends, he worked his way up the underground circuit. During his previous life as he states it, he enjoyed much success. He was nominated for various underground music awards, performed on B.E.T, opened up for Papoose and Remy Martin, worked with platinum producers and had his music placed in major motion pictures. This lead to some major labels interest which came with the typical wining and dining. Unfortunately, his internal team were being completely dishonest and doing all the things that lead to the destruction of a promising career. At his breaking point, he had no interest in continuing his career and even went into a 6 month depression where he had no interest in doing anything other than sleeping. It appeared to be over. However, every time he wanted to quit something would come out of the blue which kept him going.

“God never let me quit….he kept telling me I will have success beyond anything I can imagine and the tough road I was venturing on was molding me for what was coming”

Fast forward:

In August 2017, he decided that he was going to start from scratch. He changed his stage name and started his own company Make A Mark Records, Inc. He launched his mixtape series Verbal Battery Vol 1. and 2., started recording in the world famous Quad Studio and secured a merchandising deal for his “Payback” Apparel.

His initial single “Here I Come” is a basic introduction that lets the world know he is resurrected from the dead and is here to claim what is his.

His next single “Payback” tells some of the story of what happened in the past and lets his adversaries know that he has not forgotten anything and his success will be his revenge.